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Mathias Mortag

Concept & Visual Design

Typography and graphic design are Mathias' favorite toys and power tools at the same time. On top of his apprenticeship, he studied communication design, and has years of work experience in the areas of editorial layout, corporate identity concept / strategy and web design. Agencies in Munich, Cologne and Berlin showed him the real world and he co-founded strandrover.agency to make it a better place. Read full profile

Nils Borgböhmer

Webdesign & Development

Nils is passionate about both, design and development. Having studied both areas and after gathering years of hands-on experience in the startup world of Germany's tech capitol Berlin, he now has the skill set to plan and build digital products in short time frames; design and development moves a lot closer together than usual in the industry. Read full profile


We believe space and peace of mind are the key ingredients to design a great product. Travel is not only our hobby. Travel – to us – is the exploration of new environments and a chance to see the world from a different point of view. Curiosity, adventure and inspiration lead to creativity and focus, for the project that sits in the back of our heads.

We approach every job as a unique challenge. Analyzing and understanding your vision for your brand is just the beginning. Discovering who you and your clients really are and what they expect, is the bigger picture. Turning this knowledge into sustainable visual communication for your brand is our strategy.

Everyone loves a good story. We give your brand a personality to tell a great one that your audience would love to listen to.


We love a lean and nimble style when designing visual communication and strive to create a product which solves your problem, with a clear story that is easy to understand. Design is more than a logo and pretty website. Usability and performance are as much a design consideration as the primary color of your color scheme is.

Your customers will just experience and enjoy your brand communication and products. Effortlessly.

Ironically, the road to something simple can become complex. Reduction is a lot harder than decoration. We're here to guide you through the whole process – from the first sketch to a mission accomplished.

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We do storytelling, branding, corporate identity development through both: design & development


We're very open to different kinds of projects. Our specialty are corporate design and identity development as an overall concept. Our skill set ranges from analogue & digital graphic design all the way to delivering a finished web product.

Just to be clear: We are not iOS/Android App Developers or Backend-Engineers.

Our ballgame is the direct interaction with your audience and if we need support to win this game, we're in very good company: Our network reaches experts in all the possibly needed disciplines. Social Media & Content Strategists, App Developers, Photographers, Project Managers … we go for beers with those guys.

Your project with us can be a (re)invention of your brand from start to finish, just a logo design, a photographic case study or you can hire us to work on your project together with your team.

We'd love to hear from you – all it takes is a quick, tentative "hello".

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