Killing the Killer Drone

Killing the Killer Drone

So we bought a drone! Not exactly a killer drone but a bad ass flying camera.

Apart from sharing awesome footage with you, we wanted to take a minute and reflect on how “drones” are perceived by the public currently. “Drones” are a highly polarising topic these days. People tend to think about attacks in the middle east, spying and danger to anything air born.

So what are WE doing with one?

Spying on your neighbours is another thing people are worried about. But that’s probably the least interesting thing you could do and absolutely illegal.

It’s almost impossible too, because commercially available drones are really loud and highly visible due to the bright positioning lights. Besides that there is no zoom lens mounted on ours with which we could spy on anything at all really.

Last but not least it is super boring to watch your neighbours when you can travel the world and see awesome places .)

So if you see a drone like ours (DJI Phantom 4), relax they’re not built for spying on you, but for photographing great landscapes.

ere is a picture of the very first test flight Here is a picture of the very first test flight

So, the public opinion seems to be that drones are more bad than good and the name “drone” kind of supports the bad image as well. The media loves the term because it sounds edgy. We’ll just call it by it’s better and correct name, which would be: UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Sounds better?

Let’s learn how to fly

Coming home after working during the TROOPERS16 IT-security conference, there was a package waiting for us: The brand new DJI Phantom 4, nice and shiny. Now what? Lets take a trip to Ibiza and fly this thing!

stunning coastlines, Ibiza stunning coastlines, Ibiza

and lovly places, Hippie Happy Villa, Ibiza and lovely places, Hippie Happy Villa, Ibiza

DJI calls the Phantom 4 the smartest flying camera ever. And I think it’s true. There are so many options and stuff you can do, it’s crazy. I personally love the “follow me mode” where you select a moving object just by drawing a rectangle on your iPad, hit the go button and it will follow you almost everywhere.

“The smartest flying camera ever!”

Killing the UAV

Smart is great but unfortunately not enough. After the first flights I got really excited and comfortable pretty quickly; so maybe I pushed it a bit too far. I can tell you, water and a flying computer are not friends! Pro tip: Losing remote connection to your UAV while hovering over an ice cold river with trees above it, can totally go wrong, if the UAV tries to go up to the security height of 30m.

The first UAV survived only 13 days, it was really sad .) But anyway shit happens, sometimes very quickly. At that point I was hooked and there was no option for stopping – so give me another one!

New UAV, more trips!

Don’t push it too far this time! Relax, focus and choose a quiet and safe spot without a tree and a rapid stream.

so much green, Ireland So much green, Ireland

deep dive, Brandenburg Deep dive, Brandenburg

Buy one!

If you think about buying one of these flying cameras, do it! They are great and you will have a lot of fun with them, just look at our results! Sometimes you might have to deal with scepticism and prejudice but also very funny comments like “what are they eating?” by 6 year olds.

Beach, IrelandBeach, Ireland

Juno Heights, the best place to stay in Marsaxlokk, MaltaJuno Heights, the best place to stay in Marsaxlokk, Malta

Lake Buckow, BrandenburgLake Buckow, Brandenburg

Beach, MaltaBeach, Malta